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Restauracja Bursztynowa | Nowy Świat Warszawa | Serowa uczta

The perfect location in Warsaw, one where you can savour our exceptional cheese, good wine and a pleasant ambience.

About us

Bursztynowa was created by the Spomlek Dairy Cooperative, with traditions in cooperative dairy operations dating back to 1909. Manufacturing takes place in Radzyń Podlaski, using milk that is owned and supplied by farmers whose grandparents began the cooperative. We specialise in the ageing of cheeses, and we are most proud of the long-aged cheeses: Bursztyn, Rubin and Szafir, available under the Cheesemaker’s Treasures brand. We must devote a lot of attention to these cheeses as the ripening process may take from 3 months up to even 3 years. For the ripening process we use the oldest brine in Poland, which is currently over 30 years old.




The Bursztynowa Bistro is somewhere you can be inspired and expand your understanding of food. We are cheese experts and have developed many reliable methods of pairing cheese with wine, jam, honey and even chocolate! We know how perfectly aged cheeses pair with the sweetness in desserts, chocolate, ice cream and many other sweet treats. Of course, you can also consume the cheeses in more familiar ways, by adding them to warm meals, spreads, sauces and dips.




All this was inspired by our clients. When talking with them, we realised that there was a lack of suitable places where you could learn more about cheese, let alone long-aged cheese. Bursztynowa is somewhere our staff can explain the differences between 6-month-old and 2-year-old cheese, the mystery of white crystals in aged cheese, what nurses do in a dairy, how to crumble cheese and why it is a better technique than cutting. Our bistro staff is well-versed in these subjects and highly motivated.


We host cheesemaking meetings and workshops presenting the history of caseiculture in Poland as well as the first long-aged cheeses in Poland, available as the Cheesemaker’s Treasures. It is a meeting place for you, your friends, family and loved ones, where you can savour exceptional cheese, whose taste becomes richer with perfectly paired wine.

Then after a pleasant meeting in our bistro, you can purchase cheese, sides and various accessories allowing you to recreate all this at home.

You will definitely want to visit again, to experience new flavours, learning more from our skilled staff each time.

Join us!


Fantastic place, famous for its good cuisine, traditional cheeses and exceptional wines.
Echo Miasta

Bursztynowa Bistro

ul. Nowy Świat 37

00-029 Warszawa

Book now: +48  519 310 110

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